Business guide helps orgs be greener and save money | The Hole Scroll

A new publication is chock full of resources for Jackson Hole businesses, residents and visitors interested in sustainability in the valley, from reducing energy costs and recycling to respecting and protecting wildlife.

Readers will find a “yes and no” recycling guide, with photos; a list of “recreate responsibly tips,” including how to prevent wildfires, and the Jackson Hole Sustainablity Code of Conduct

There’s contact info for people looking to reduce energy costs, find environmentally friendly fuel and learn about people and programs benefiting the people who prefer to patronize businesses and organizations that make sustainability a priority.

The guide features a directory of RRR (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Business Leaders Program members, organized by their field of specialty, and also spotlights nine of them that have been BEST-certified.

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