Business is booming for Hwy 80 Produce between White Oak, Gladewater

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – With summer fruits and vegetables in full swing in East Texas, one vendor and her business partner got into the produce stand game last July and haven’t looked back.

“I did graphic design and printing,” said Allison Lott, the co-owner. “I did business cards for a lady, and she said, ‘You need to do this,’ and two weeks later, I had a truck full of melons.”

After Lott and co-owner Julie Staples found a building last July, they started Hwy 80 Produce between White Oak and Gladewater.

Lott gave this explanation for the stand’s name, saying, “We are located on Highway 80.”

Lott told East Texas News that she sells the best in East Texas produce.

We’ve got local onions from Gilmer, Noonday onions, Jacksonville tomatoes, Pittsburg peaches, and things out of my son’s garden in Longview.” Lott said.

Along with the business. Lott said they like to help out in the community.

“We set up at some of the independent-living…

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