Business leaders put support behind $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal

Business leaders across the country are trying to insert themselves into the infrastructure debate, using whatever external power they possess to push lawmakers to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan deal.

Why it matters: Axios surveyed an array of business leaders and their statements, and from UPS to Siemens to Raytheon, everyone seems to want the deal to succeed — particularly since it doesn’t include tax increases.

  • Blackstone global head of infrastructure Sean Klimczak said: “Renewed federal support in this area — combined with state, local and private investment — will create good-paying jobs and promote sustainable economic growth. We are proud to support this bipartisan framework.”
  • Bechtel CEO Brendan Bechtel said in a statement: “We are strongly supportive of the scope of this bipartisan framework to ensure our infrastructure can meet the needs and demands of our country and its dynamic economy for generations to come.”
  • Siemens USA CEO Barbara…

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