Business leaders share pandemic experiences during Vegas Chamber luncheon

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — When you have a business, the stakes are high. Many people might depend on your success to make a living.

During a Vegas Chamber luncheon on Thursday, travel and sports industry experts shared how their organizations survived during the pandemic over the last 15 months and discussed the progress that Las Vegas is making in rebuilding its core tourism industry.

The pandemic has taught a lot of lessons for business leaders, not only on how to survive but also how to thrive under current conditions. And while companies can be competitive, leaders say it’s important to share with each other how to continue serving the community.

In front of a full room, business leaders emphasized how knowing their strengths and working together with other entities can make a difference.

While many businesses are still recovering, others have found a way to lead. For example, the Ultimate Fighting Championship not only was one of the main sports…

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