Business opens in Lima specializing in false eyelashes

LIMA — A new business is opening in Lima, specializing in false eyelashes.

“It started with me launching my own lash line in 2017,” said Tavonna Pritchett, co-owner of Celebretee’z Lashti’Qu3. “I always said that I wanted a storefront. So my mother and father passed away. My mother passed in 2019, my father in 1995. So I’m an only child and I always told my mom that I would make this vision come true and I finally did.”

There is a wide variety of false eyelashes people can choose from.

“All different types of eyelashes. Over 20 different styles, over 112 different pair — lash brushes, lash glue, everything that’s going to have to do with eyelashes is going to entail this,” Pritchett said.

Pritchett and co-owner Mercedes Cunningham have known each other for quite a while.

“We have been friends since kindergarten,” Cunningham said. “She (Tavonna) wanted to show me the business aspect of it. So I figured why not jump in on it…

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