Business owner chases teens after paintball attack on Detroit’s west side

DETROIT – A Detroit business owner takes matters into his own hands after being targeted by a group of teens.

The group went on a shooting spree with a paintball gun, leading to a chase and crash on Tuesday near Six Mile Road and Schaefer Highway. The owner of The Smell of Detroit — and Motown fragrance line — said he was driving on Six Mile Road when his vehicle was hit.

“When I looked to the left, I had seen a paintball on the windshield but it was orange, like a big orange splash … it happened so fast.” the owner said.

He figured he was hit by a group with a paintball gun and caught up with them.

The chase ended when the group crashed the vehicle.

The teens took off but Detroit police said they arrested an 18-year-old. The owner said there were three people, including a young teen, in the vehicle. Police did not anything about the additional people believed to be involved.


Watch the full report in the video above.

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