Business owner devastated following Augusta Fire

AUGUSTA, Wis. (WEAU) – An Augusta restaurant owner saw nearly 32 years of hard work go up in flames Sunday after her business caught on fire.

“I’m numb,” Tugger’s Cafe & Catering owner Tugger Francel said.

When Francel saw Tugger’s Cafe catch on fire Sunday, she knew it was bad. It reminded her of fire from a few weeks earlier at Chicken Chasers in Fall Creek.

“I knew right away it wasn’t good because Chasers went down and I knew the walls were smoking like theirs were,” she said.

Augusta neighbors like Judy Dorf watched the blaze. She said Tugger’s Cafe is loved by many in the community.

“Tugger’s was the type of place where you go get a soup, sandwich, coffee,” she said. “Great place to meet. Great place to be social. Wonderful owner and food. And it means so much. It was the neighborhood get together, more or less.”

Dorf said Sunday was a sad day for Augusta.

“I’m sad for the people in my community,” she said. “I’m sad…

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