Business owner working with public officials to address Baton Rouge crime problem

BATON ROUGE – One crime scene hit too close to home for a business owner along Perkins Road.

After a road rage shooting brought crime to his door, Benny’s Car Wash owner Justin Alford wants to try and do something about escalating violence in the city.

“It’s obviously hurting business for us and everyone. It’s just not a safe place anymore and I just think there’s something we can do, and we need to get involved to try and make it better,” Alford said.

Now he’s organizing a group to offer solutions, getting with BRAC CEO Adam Knapp and District Attorney Hillar Moore to discuss options. Monday, they also met with the police chief and sheriff.

Right now, Alford and his group are pushing for businesses to install more lighting and security cameras and reminding people to lock their doors.

“Chief Murphy Paul said one of the best things we can do, there was 96 guns taken out of cars that we unlocked, he said please say the message: just lock your…

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