Business owners, customers benefit from Florida’s Freedom Week tax-free holiday

LAKELAND, Fla. – Consumers don’t have to pay sales tax on tickets to many sporting events, concerts, and outdoor items during Florida’s Freedom Week July 1-7.

The idea is part of the governor’s new tax relief package aimed at helping boost the economy in the wake of COVID-19, which was very hard on many businesses.

“Hopefully, we’ll see a lot of business over the weekend,” said Dillion Glisson, who works in his family-owned business G FIVE Feed and Outdoor in Plant City.

The Lakeland Center, which hosts shows, sporting events and concerts, is hoping for a financial shot in the arm as well.

“We want to get back to normal business, and we think it is going to help,” Tony Camarillo, the Center’s executive director told FOX 13.

The Center lost 1.8 million dollars in revenue because of the pandemic and is just now getting back to where it was in previous years.

Freedom Week means the state will lose millions of dollars in sales tax, with the money…

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