Business owners react to the downtown underground electrical fire

Business owners are trying to return to normal after the fire that broke out beneath the sidewalk.

Some buildings near 10th and State Streets are still without full power.

We spoke to downtown business owners to learn more about their situations.

Business owners experienced emergency evacuations after power outages affected 800 customers in the area.

According to Penelec, there will be another power outage at 2 a.m. that will last until 2:20 a.m. in order to continue working on the area.

Fire breaks out near 10th and State

Mabel Howard, the Co-Owner of a Cafe 7-10 on 10th Street was about to close for the day when she heard a loud noise and felt the ground beneath her shake.

“A large fire starting coming out of the ground. It almost felt like you were in a movie and so we were like we got to get out of here,” said Mabel Howard, Co-Owner of Cafe 7-10.

Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. an underground fire happened at…

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