Business scrambling for applicants amid pandemic

Record number of people quitting jobs

There is a severe staffing shortage across the country, despite the economy reopening.

AZUSA, Calif. – Tim Arrietta is one of the owners of La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant in Azusa where outside the building, help wanted signs are placed as visible as the name of the restaurant. 

But, finding workers to apply has not been easy, says Arrietta.

“It’s been very very difficult. It’s been very thin… very very few applicants coming in,” Arrietta adds.

He thinks fear of being in a workplace may be part of the problem. He also thinks some people have found they prefer working remotely or just living on unemployment which, for some, may be good enough for now.

Arrietta says, “They don’t need to be back. There’s no incentive for coming back to work. It used to be when somebody’s unemployment ran out they would start looking for work.”

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