Business still fraction of what it used to be

LOS ANGELES — On a recent day, Bertha Gomez waited inside her candy stand on Olvera Street, looking outside to the scattering of a handful of people strolling the pavement.

The candy stand, Rudy’s Mexican Candy, has been in Gomez’s family since 1952, when her father-in-law bought it and turned it into a successful business.

What You Need To Know

  • Olvera Street merchants were forgiven all rent from July 2020 to December 2020
  • Councilmember Kevin de León pushed for, and won, a six-month extension on rent forgiveness
  • Since June, merchants have been paying roughly 40% of their rent
  • As of now, merchants will be expected to pay 100% rent beginning in January

For Gomez and her entire family, the candy stand is a cherished piece of family history. But since reopening the economy in June, Gomez and the other vendors say foot traffic actually sharply decreased. Gomez explained that the stand will sometimes make as little as $87 per day.

“Before, it…

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