Businesses across San Luis Obispo seeing a shortage of staff

Multiple businesses in downtown San Luis Obispo, just like places across the state, have been having trouble running day-to-day operations due to a lack of staff.

Since the state’s reopening, many different business sectors have been seeing an increase in customers but are having a difficult time finding the staff to meet demand.

Downtown SLO says this has been affecting some businesses in the area.

“We are seeing more demand for goods and services and the businesses especially in some of our retail and hospitality sectors and we just don’t have the labor to keep up with them,” said Downtown SLO CEO Bettina Swigger.

Political analyst Kevin Riggs says unemployment benefits have a lot to do with the shortage.

“There is no question that one of the lingering effects of the pandemic and all of the relief money that has been going out to people is this slow rate of those returning to the workplace,” Riggs said.

Some business owners agree and say they are…

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