Businesses’ issues with homeless spur BCSO patrols on San Antonio River Walk

SAN ANTONIO – Downtown businesses’ issues with people experiencing homelessness have spurred the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office to send deputies on patrol along the River Walk — though not in great numbers nor with the ability to enforce all the local laws.

The River Walk, a prime tourist destination, is typically patrolled by San Antonio Park Police, who report to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. However, BCSO announced Thursday on Facebook that Sheriff Javier Salazar had “met with downtown business leaders who requested a more pronounced presence along the tourist attraction area.”

BCSO deputies, according to the post, would begin patrolling the River Walk on foot starting this weekend, and they “will be equipped with materials to help tourists find common attractions, but also to help the homeless population find resources. Mental Health deputies will be assigned to help in support of the extra patrols.”


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