Businesses vote with their feet, money – San Bernardino Sun


Walt Disney Company is joining the long list of companies sending large numbers of jobs out of California.

Last Thursday, it was announced that 2,000 professionals working in fields such as digital technology and finance would be shifted to Florida.

If anyone is puzzled about why a company like Disney would do this, they haven’t been paying attention.

“Florida is known for its rich culture of hospitality and active lifestyle as well as a lower cost of living with no state income tax,” wrote Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products in a letter to Disney employees. In other words, Florida has many of the advantages of California, but it’s a more affordable place to live and do business.

On a similar note, D’Amaro  cited Florida’s “business-friendly climate” as a consideration. To that point, California’s reputation for being unfriendly to business is well-established.

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