Carrollwood community sees business growth during pandemic thanks to community support

CARROLLWOOD, Fla. — “Shop local, support local, bring awareness,” said Jennifer Jenkins, President of the Carrollwood Area Business Association and Owner & Founder of Rooted Holistic Health Coaching.

That’s the message Carrollwood businesses have for the community.

“A lot of commuters, a lot of families as well. So it’s a great area,” said Jay Patel, SoFresh Franchise Partner.

“The amazing thing is Carrollwood has been an area that’s been identified by a lot of businesses and a lot of corporations because we are greatly the target market and we look a lot like the rest of America,” said Kelly Stuart Williams, Owner & Director of Pegasos Public Relations.

Jenkins says there are many reasons so many people have decided to open up shop in the area.

“This is a highly desirable area for the simple fact that everything is at our convenience,” said Jenkins.

“We’re really lucky. We get a lot of upstart restaurants and new businesses,”…

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