Cepo to the dollar: the Central Bank increases access for laboratories

The Banco Central (BCRA) decided loosen the trap exchange rate for some pharmaceutical and diagnostic supplies. Weeks ago, both laboratories and the reagents sector had warned about the missing of medical supplies that could complicate the provision of health services in the coming months.

After several claims from the sectoral chambers before the Ministry of Health and the BCRA, finally this Thursday the monetary authority ordered exempt from the requirements to access the official dollar to pay for imports of pharmaceutical products and/or supplies, to the extent that they are used for locally made.

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So yeah will not be subject to the incremental import quota in relation to previous years (which established a dollar cap for 2022 equivalent to 105% of what they had imported in 2021 or 170% of foreign purchases made in 2020).

Nor will they have to request financing from 180 to…

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