Childhood hobby to small business: How a student began a MSU vintage online store

As a child, advertising management senior Jared Perlin would often go to his local thrift store with his mom and brother. From there, his passion for thrifting grew, and Perlin began to notice the exponential growth in the resale community.

Perlin realized that he could take his childhood family thrift shopping routine and passion for clothes into a business. In the summer of 2019, Perlin started pursuing his fascination for clothes by thrifting every day for clothing that he knew would sell: rock tees, vintage graphic tees or old Disney clothes. From there, Perlin dived into the resale community through Facebook groups and various resale platforms.

Initial steps

During Perlin’s freshman year at MSU, he noticed how passionate and unique many other students were when it came to their outfits on game days. 

“I knew that if I could kind of…

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