City of San Diego Looks to Make Outdoor Business Space Permits Permanent – NBC 7 San Diego

Outdoor operation spaces have become common features on San Diego streets and have proven to be lifesavers for many restaurants and businesses surviving the coronavirus pandemic.

“It made it survivable,” Thomas Patterson, manager at The Barn in North Park, said parklet dining spaces. “All the seats we have indoors, we were able to put out here. Our bartenders, our cooks, we were able to keep employed and keep the business going.”

Now the parklet dining rooms could become permanent fixtures, but not without a host of new restrictions and regulations that some say will complicate matters for business owners.

“I think it will be a challenge and one more thing that many restaurant owners need to do and figure out, but [it will also be] necessary in terms of ensuring safety,” said Alia Jaziri, owner of Medina Moroccan-Baja Kitchen.

The city of San Diego is currently working on a plan to develop a program that would allow…

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