Clovis: Reopen for Business | Clovis Roundup

There have been some limitations and adjustments with the reopening of businesses in Clovis; however, business is booming in the community.

“Businesses are super happy to be open,” said Shawn Miller, Business Development Manager for the City of Clovis. “I think their customers are excited to get out and go visit those businesses that they love so much.”

Business has been at an all time high for Panadería Café Oaxaca. Rosi Garcia, baker and daughter of the owner, said social media has had a huge impact on the business’ success.

She said the panaderia is busier with new faces thanks to people spreading the word through social media.

“It’s been awesome. We’ve had a lot of support from our customers. They’ve been trying to come in and they’ll keep us open more than anything, which it’s such a blessing to see everybody come back and just come and show some love and support to us,” Garcia said.

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