Colorado Judge Rebukes Trump 2020 Election Lawyers As ‘Propaganda Tool’

  • A Colorado judge ticked off two pro-Trump lawyers for a failed case alleging election fraud. 
  • The case was dismissed earlier, but the judge called its lawyers to a hearing over frivolous suits.
  • He asked them if it ever occurred to them that they may just be a “propaganda tool” for Trump.
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A Colorado judge gave a scathing rebuke to a pair of lawyers after he dismissed their case challenging the results of the 2020 election, suggesting they were just parroting former President Donald Trump’s talking points.

Lawyers Gary Fielder and Ernest John Walker filed a class-action suit in December last year, claiming to represent the voting rights of 160 million Americans. They accuse a slew of high-profile politicians and tech CEOs of thwarting a Trump election…

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