Commissioner slams ‘business as usual’ approach to trucks

Truck traffic and noise has been a quality of life issue for Del Webb at Woodbridge residents ever since they realized city planners had plopped what is essentially a retirement community of 1,420 homes next to an area Manteca wants to turn into a major hub of distribution.

In what was the biggest pushback on questionable growth decisions in Manteca in 30 years, residents in 2019 submitted a petition signed by 1,192 people in their neighborhood to get the City Council to stop a developer’s plan to “temporarily” dump 816 truck trips daily onto Airport Way.

Those “temporary” trips would involve trucks braking to turn onto — and accelerating to turn off of — a private street directly across the street from Del Webb at Woodbridge.

Those trucks would be going to what will be the largest commercial truck parking facility in the Northern San Joaquin Valley with the ability to park 486 semi-trucks.

The residents two years ago successfully got…

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