Consumers to make sustainability a business imperative

Progress in Big Tech:

  • Following widespread publicity about its large-scale destruction of returned and unsold goods, Amazon is cleaning up its act by letting third-party sellers list some returned products as “used” on its site. It also now offers customers the option of selecting their “Amazon Day” of the week (which consolidates the week’s orders into a single delivery, thereby reducing packaging waste) and is making big investments in solar panels and wind farms.
  • Microsoft pledged to share product schematics with providers outside of its authorized service network, after shareholders advocated for the customer’s right to repair their own devices.
  • These firms, along with Apple, Google, and Meta, have committed to carbon neutrality timelines, setting a bar for other corporations to meet or else risk retribution from consumers.

Fashion makes strides:

  • Fast fashion is out, sustainable fashion is in: Clothing rental services, such as Rent…

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