Covid Has Transformed How Shoppers Pay. Here’s How Small Business Can Benefit

Covid has transformed how we pay for goods and services.


The effects of the pandemic can be seen in almost every corner of the retail industry. But one of the most significant changes in consumer behaviour which may not be so apparent upon first glance is the physical way we pay for things post-Covid. Many retailers have gone completely cashless over the past 15 months, with contactless payments preferred in line with our new contact-free culture. 

Not only is this a change which small retail businesses in particular must prepare for, but it is one they can benefit from, too. 

Consumers are driving change in the payment industry 

Jim Magats, SVP of Omni Payments at PayPal has been playing close attention to this shift in payment behaviour.  “Consumers are not only moving online and to ecommerce, but they’re also demanding digital payments and commerce experiences in-store with things like QR Codes, that enable secure…

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