Cyberthreats, compliance expected to challenge businesses

The cyberthreat environment heated up this past year. That should encourage companies to be more aware of their exposures and more prepared to mitigate their risks.

“It’s affecting a lot of businesses and every incident can have major impact,” says Majdi Ayoub, director of technical services at Blue Technologies, Inc.

Unfortunately, even though the threat is growing, many companies are not taking all the necessary precautions to avoid these growing cyberattacks.

“If an attack were to land successfully, it’s going to cost an organization a lot of time and resources to try to recover their very valuable data,” Ayoub says.

Smart Business spoke with Ayoub about cyberattacks, compliance updates that will affect many businesses, and how managed services professionals can prepare organizations to handle both.

How can managed services help mitigate cyberthreats?

Some companies build their own dedicated IT team to insulate them from…

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