Detroit business owner tracks down stolen car, fights to get it back

DETROIT – A Detroit business owner took matters into her own hands when she tracked down a car that was stolen from her.

Bianca Chambers shares the Mercedes-Benz with her boyfriend. When the car went missing she posted about it on social media and received some tips about where it had been.

Chambers tracked the car for three days, calling police each time she found it. But the thief kept getting away. The final time she found it she slashed all four tires and confronted the person who had been driving it.

A video shows the confrontation that took place between her and the teen accused of stealing her car. There was a physical altercation on Wednesday (July 14).

“You will never steal from me again,” Chambers told Local 4 regarding the thief. “You’re gonna stop stealing people’s cars.”


She said she found the man on an article Local 4 posted and that he is wanted for another car theft out of Northville.

The teen accused of stealing her car said…

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