Detroit Policy Conference Puts Focus On Small Businesses, Economy Thriving Post Pandemic – CBS Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) – The 10th annual Detroit Policy Conference at The Aretha had one focus in mind and that is to move the region and Detroit forward, post pandemic. Small businesses took center stage at the 2021 Detroit Policy Conference.

The event put on by the Detroit Regional Chamber had about 600 registered attendees mainly made up of business leaders in the city. The highlight of the event, helping small businesses thrive after COVID.

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“Small businesses you know really struggle, we need visibility, we need people to see that we’re here, we need the help, we need, people to be interested in small businesses helping us survive,” said Vontetta Robinson co-owner of the Detroit Cocoa Bar.

Robinson was one of about a dozen small business vendors at the conference. She says she’s excited small business is at the forefront of Tuesdays event and hopes they come out of this pandemic…

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