Economic snapshots of the battleground states in US mid-term elections

One of the main issues for voters in our seven swing states as
they head to the polls this Election Day is the US economy. Since
the pandemic-induced economic decline of 2020, most states in the
South and West have recovered fairly quickly, and, indeed, have
been thriving; but recovery in the Northeast and Midwest has been
slower and more variable. In addition to post-2020 economic
recoveries, voters are now also looking ahead to a potential
recession, and how well their state is positioned to weather 2023
will likely loom large on November 8th. A look at how our seven
major swing states are faring as voting gets underway.


The Arizona economy weathered the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and
its aftermath better than most of the nation, with some of the
strongest payroll growth among states in 2022. The recovery has
been broad-based, with employment levels in nearly all major
sectors having now surpassed their pre-pandemic levels….

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