Emails show developer, business partner talking about sale of condo to top city official Jacklyn Sutcivni

WORCESTER — Less than a month after the city’s top housing official bought a condo from Curtis Mueller, one of the original partners in developer James E. Levin’s purchase of 5 May St., Levin emailed the man with a caution. 

“The purchase of Jacqui’s real estate unit has been published in the real estate section of the Telegram & Gazette, with her as the buyer and you as the seller,” Levin wrote in a Jan. 24, 2011 missive detailed in federal court Friday. 

“I can’t imagine that anybody will contact you,” Levin added. “If they do, please be brief and indicate that you sold it to her for a fair price and that you have another unit for sale.”

The email was among several detailed in court Friday that prosecutors used to buttress their allegation that Levin arranged for the sale as part of a conspiracy with the housing official that resulted in a $2 million fraud. 

The official, Jacklyn M. Sutcivni — formerly Jacklyn Vachon-Jackson…

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