Enough with the nonsense. Every government and business should require the vaccine | Editorial

We have three words for President Joe Biden, who on Thursday is expected to announce that federal workers will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine or else undergo periodic coronavirus testing:

“Go for it.”

A vaccine mandate for federal employees is a dramatic step, but fully justified amid a resurgent, deadly pandemic that simply must be brought under control.

Biden’s proposal will, we believe, set a precedent for a get-tough approach across the nation that is more necessary by the day to reach the “vaccine hesitant” who are willfully endangering public health.

We trust the president will ignore the loud carping and hysteria from his opponents, which we can hear already. They will surely blather on about government overreach and forced vaccination, ignoring the fact that mandatory vaccination, in schools and in the workplace, has been repeatedly upheld by the courts for decades.

The worst of the critics will again spout the worst…

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