Entrepreneur scorecard details struggles, optimism for Michigan small businesses

Michigan’s small businesses were disproportionately harmed compared to other industries during the pandemic with significant declines in revenue and the number of businesses operating, but experts remain optimistic about a strong post-pandemic recovery.

That’s according to the 2021 Michigan Entrepreneurship Scorecard, released today by the Small Business Association of Michigan, that details the state’s “entrepreneurial economy” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SBAM President Brian Calley said this year’s scorecard is drastically different from reports over the previous 17 years to account for pandemic-related dynamics like state-ordered business closures and government relief programs.

“We felt we really needed to speak directly to the intricacies of the pandemic, the interventions taken, the differences between the top-line economic statistics and what’s happening between different verticals within the economy,” Calley told MiBiz….

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