‘Essential’ designation could pay benefits for cannabis business

“So it’s been a struggle to hit timelines for retail store openings because of that process,” he said.

“We had a hard time getting drywall, hammer and nails but fortunately did not have a large disrupt in getting flower,” he said.

In the thick of it, cannabis businesses also had to deal with delays in shipments of packaging, PPE and cleaning supplies, Schneider said. The association hired seamstresses to sew masks and helped members create alternative recipes for cleaning products.

Cloud, now with four stores, has also been struggling to hire — a problem hitting the restaurant industry and others, too, said McLeod. “I would say like every other industry, we are certainly having to work harder to recruit new employment,” Schneider added.

The pandemic may have helped spur increasing acceptance of legal cannabis.

State governments across the country designating cannabis as “essential” during the lockdown became “one of the most momentous moments in the…

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