Euro pushes for parity as tentative calm returns elsewhere

  • Dollar near two-decade high vs euro
  • Euro slips to new 20-yr low; sterling squeezed
  • European stocks rebounds after steep drop
  • Oil bounces after near 10% slump

LONDON, July 6 (Reuters) – Tentative calm returned to global markets on Wednesday, with the recession-obsessed euro slumped at a two-decade low, stocks inching higher and oil back above $100 a barrel following a near 10% plunge a day earlier.

Traders certainty weren’t giving the all-clear but the tumultuous moves of the last 24 hours had at least eased off.

The euro, which has lurched towards parity with the dollar this month, was lower again at $1.02 . But with stocks and Brent up , Norway’s gas strike off and Wall Street expected to go sideways later , the intensity had dropped noticeably. read more

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Euro zone government bond yields also continued to tick lower although Britain’s pound barely flinched after the country’s finance minister and…

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