Europe’s heatwave breaking records, hitting health, economy: World weather group


Europe’s current heatwave is breaking records, detrimentally impacting people’s health, the economy, agricultural production, and tourism, and the trend is likely to become more frequent for decades, the chief of world’s weather group said Tuesday.

“The negative climate trend will continue, at least until the 2060s, independent of our success in climate mitigation efforts,” World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Secretary-General Petteri Taalas told journalists at a UN press conference in Geneva.

“And that means these weather conditions are becoming more common.”

During the press conference on the current European heatwave, he said that the world has better means to adapt to heatwaves than in the past as in many countries, people have improved the facilities for dealing with heatwaves and know more about the health risks related to such kinds of events.

Taalas said the awareness of climate change is much…

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