Executive director of Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation wins North Bay Business Leadership Pride award

Sitting at home for the past 14 months, I realized I am more extraverted than I thought. I have missed the social interaction with others and the community building that comes from meeting new people and attending events. There are so many wonderful events at the SRJC such as the President’s Address to the Community and Commencement that I have not experienced in my new role yet.

I am really looking forward to experiencing the energy of being in a huge room full of people who support our students and programs.

What stereotype or bias involving the Pride movement which you most like to knock down and why?

I think the bias toward the LGBTQ community that bothers me the most is the perception of LGBTQ people’s lives in the US as filtered through the experiences of white, upper middle class, cisgender lesbian and gay people.

Although some people may feel that we achieved everything when we won the right to marry and Pete Buttigieg ran for…

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