Fairview Park baker competes in Walmart small business competition

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – It’s no secret that the pandemic put major strains on local businesses, causing some to scale back and others to close completely.

Terry Thomsen owns Feel Good Dough in Fairview Park. Like many business owners, she felt the punch from the pandemic.

“I am a woman-based business, and I created this business, not just for myself, but I do have two daughters,” said Thomsen.

Here in Cleveland, she’s known as the “pizza bagel lady” from the West Side Market, but soon, she could be the person who makes our city a household name.

“They’ve been looking for something like this, and didn’t know it was out there,” said Thomsen.

In hopes of making ‘it to the next level, Thomsen pitched her healthy dough and her pizza bagels in a Walmart competition, hoping that by winning, the hard times of the pandemic would be far behind her.

“I’m in the review process right now, so it could take a year, but it’s OK, I can wait,”…

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