Finding The Value And Managing The Big Risks

An employee selects the “Buy Bitcoin” option on a cryptocurrency automated teller machine (ATM) … [+] during a demonstration at the Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange Ltd. digital currency trading store in Hong Kong, China, on Thursday, June 24, 2021. Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange is a cryptocurrency platform and is the first to combine online and physical exchange in Hong Kong. Photographer: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg

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By Erik Sherman

The good news for crypto currency is that El Salvador decided to adopt it as legal tender and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued a proposal to let banks handle digital assets like Bitcoin.

The bad news for corporations? Multiple. When something is legal tender, you must have a way to handle it the banking proposal shows how unpredictable the values of cryptocurrencies are, a major crypto exchange is getting hit hard by countries refusing to allow it entry, and, as Tesla…

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