First-of-its-kind ‘Freedom Week’ tax break surprises business owners and shoppers

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– What do a grill, a fishing rod, and a theater ticket have in common? They’re among the dozens of items you won’t have to pay sales tax on this week.

Florida’s ‘Freedom Week’ sales tax break is a first-of-its-kind tax holiday.

Cape Coral resident, Sue Feldman, was out shopping Monday but had never heard of the tax-free holiday. She thought it was a great idea and felt it might inspire people to get out this holiday weekend.

“I think being outdoors is really healthy for all of us, physically as well as mentally,” Feldman said.

Getting outdoors this weekend could also be financially rewarding as shoppers can avoid paying taxes on fishing gear, grills and insect repellent.

“A lot of people are still trying to recover from the pandemic. So any little amount of money we can save definitely helps. Kids need to get out and have fun just like us adults,” said Anna Green.

Tickets to movie and live theaters are also tax…

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