First Thing: Criminal charges brought against Trump family business |

Good morning.

The Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, the former president’s long-serving chief financial officer, have been charged with a “sweeping and audacious illegal payment scheme” of tax-related crimes.

It marks the first criminal charges against the former president’s family business after a three-year investigation by New York prosecutors.

Weisselberg, who worked for the Trump family for nearly 50 years, appeared in court on Thursday after surrendering to the authorities and was charged by the Manhattan district attorney with failing to properly report company perks, including school fees, rent-free apartments and cars.

Weisselberg, who surrendered his passport to the court, and a lawyer for the Trump Organization pleaded not guilty.

  • In a 15-count indictment, Weisselberg and the Trump Organization were charged with a scheme to defraud, grand larceny, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records, report Dominic Rushe and…

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