For Business, It’s The Summer Of Living Unpredictably

As economic signals go haywire, corporate boards must maintain basic economic awareness.


The New York Times had it right: the economic gauges are indeed going nuts, presenting an oversight challenge which corporate leadership must confront.

No matter whether it’s the job participation level, the unemployment rate, inflation’s return, supply chain issues, consumer confidence or service interruption. For every recent positive indicator of economic vitality, there’s been an equally negative indicator of economic weakness. Each day seems to bring new, and potentially conflicting, economic data—and with that tactical whiplash for corporate leaders.

Take, for example, the latest employment statistics. According to the Department of Labor, June evidenced the strongest gain in hiring in 10 months; a notable indicator of recovery in the labor market and an increase in net job creation. On the other hand, there remain 6.8 million…

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