For three years, while building a business, Candace Schaefer fought cancer like a champion

Little by little, explaining one setback at a time, Candace Schaefer listed the obstacles that once stopped her progress like a Boston traffic jam.

So buckle your seatbelt.

She spoke about cancer, of course. Breast cancer, which started it all. Schaefer was declared cancer-free three years ago. Along the way, though, nothing went right until, finally, she had conquered every sudden danger to her health.

Then she battled a new cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, possibly caused by the treatment that she had received for the old cancer. She beat that, too, which is why her fledgling business in Concord, Thrive Group Fitness, is alive with jazzercise and hope.

That’s the bottom line in a story with more lows and highs than a rollercoaster on steroids.

“With all the hurdles I’ve been through, I’m at a point where I just have to keep going,” Schaefer said by phone this week. “I made it through this, and, God willing, I hope there’s nothing left to…

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