Fourth stimulus check live updates: tax return, Child Tax Credit, unemployment benefits…


– Social Security checks to be deposited for January as per full payment schedule

– US tax season 2022 begins tomorrow, Monday 24 January, so know how to file your taxes

– Initial unemployment claims increased by 55,000 last week, totalling 286,000 for the week ending on 15 January

– High inflation sees prices up 7% on last year, with some blaming stimulus checks

– Details provided re SNAP food stamp benefits at restaurants

– Deal struck with Navient in 39 states to have student loan debt cancelled for thousands in $1.85 bn settlement

Useful information & links:

Stimulus Checks

– When were the three federal stimulus checks distributed?

– Calls for some Social Security beneficiaries to get additional support, could a fourth stimulus check be on the table?

Child Tax Credit

– Congress failed to secure an extension to the credit’s current structure last month, so families will have no direct payment in January

Social Security

– How long do you have…

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