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Now at home in California, adopted through the Samoyed Rescue of Southern California.

Izzy’s adopter was a volunteer for SRSC when she instantly bonded with a newly arrived puppy rescued from White Fire Kennel in Iowa, part of a batch of Samoyeds sent to the California group to find loving homes.  “When Izzy Bella’s and my eyes met for the first time, something clicked inside each of us that instantly bonded us to one another.

My family already had a wonderful Sammy and I had absolutely zero inclination to bring another one into our home until that moment, a moment I will never forget. I whisked this 18-pound ball of fluff with her pleading eyes into my arms and took her to live with us in her forever home.”

On their first walk together in her new home, her adopter was in awe at her innocence and playfulness — and fear. In ways, she was a normal, playful puppy getting into mischief, loving her new…

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