Friends start Lansing doula business aimed at Black mothers

LANSING, Mich. — Domonique Brace and Sharde’ Burton are getting ready to celebrate the one year anniversary of their doula business, North Star Birthing Services.

The events that convinced Brace this work was her future began earlier.

“So, I have a 4 year old and she’s doing well and thriving now, but she was born 5 weeks earlier because I developed preeclampsia, it’s a condition when your blood pressure rises and it can’t be controlled. So, I had to have an emergency C section,” Brace said.

Brace still deals with emotional trauma that stemmed from her childbirth experience., and she said a lot of Black women have stories similar to hers.

Brace said that was one of the main reasons why she became a doula.

“In the United States, Black women are three times more likely to have complications or even die in child birth compared to their white counterparts,” Burton said.

The two women went through the 45-hour doula certification process during…

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