From IHS grad to downtown business owner: Serenity Dixon brings one-stop beauty shop to Ithaca

ITHACA, N.Y. — Just two days after Serenity Dixon walked the stage at her Ithaca High School graduation, the 2020 graduate logged onto her first online classes at esthetician school. 

Now, Dixon, 18, is two months into running Serenity’s Beautique, where she has turned her passion for eyelash extensions and beauty into a hot pink oasis amongst the greys of downtown Ithaca.

Starting a business from scratch in her hometown has meant everything from navigating COVID mask mandates to learning how to paint a ceiling. But to Dixon, jumping from high school to becoming a full-time business owner feels worth it.   

“I was getting off [esthetician] school at 6 p.m., coming here, painting all those months,” Dixon said of opening the boutique. “I started school in January, and I signed the lease in January. Then I finished school in April and opened the shop in May. Even when I wasn’t technically open, I was always working on something….

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