G.O.P. Pumps Another $175,000 Of Donor Money Into Trump’s Business

Former president Donald Trump keeps getting handouts from the Republican National Committee.

Getty Images

The Republican National Committee spent more than $175,000 at Mar-a-Lago on May 12 for a venue rental and catering, according to a financial disclosure filed on Sunday. 

Donald Trump retained a 100% interest in his private Palm Beach resort when he became president.

The RNC now has spent at least $2.6 million at Trump’s businesses, 98.5% of which occurred after Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee for president in May 2016.

The $175,000 was for the portion of the RNC’s spring donor retreat held at Mar-a-Lago in April, an RNC spokesperson told Forbes.

Originally, the entire event had been slated to be held elsewhere, but portions were re-located to Mar-a-Lago from other venues, the Washington Post reported in March. “Many G.O.P. donors liked visiting Mar-a-Lago,” a Republican involved in planning the event told the Washington…

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