Got flower fever? Jaemor Farms shines light on its blossoming business

The flower fields draw in people both locally and in the Atlanta area. Jones said the space is also handicap accessible, and people can request additional transportation assistance at the farm’s shed where tickets are sold. 

Recently, Echols said one of his favorite memories in the fields involved a young girl who used a wheelchair to move around. He recounts her having “the best time ever.”

“Her outfit had flowers,” he said. “It was just special. It’s (picking flowers) something for everybody.” 

With the new addition of tulips in the spring, flower picking season at Jaemor now runs from March to late October, weather permitting. Despite taking up acres of fields, Echols said the zinnias, sunflowers and other varieties don’t compete for space and sales with other products grown on the property. 

“I would say that the flowers help enhance all the other crops,” he said. “You get that many more people in the doors and sell more…

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