Government waging war on small business

We began our COVID nightmare back in March 2020 with politicians and experts telling us we needed to lockdown the economy for three weeks to “flatten the curve.” Weeks turned into months as the goal post moved from “flattening the curve” to “no new cases.” Then, a couple of months turned into half a year as the goal post moved again from “no new cases” to “once we have a vaccine.” Now, six months has become more than a year as the goal post has moved once more to “vaccinate everyone.”

Although 10 million people remain unemployed, small business owners have taken the brunt of this nightmare. Lockdown policies were so bad for them that it’s hard to believe they weren’t specifically targeted. States made all manner of exceptions for “essential” businesses, but the lion’s share of the “non-essential” businesses were small businesses. As a result, nationwide, more than one-quarter of them have closed permanently….

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