Grant Frerking Talks Playing Tennessee Football While Owning a Business

Photo by Tennessee Athletics

Tennessee wide receiver Grant Frerking is not only an athlete on the gridiron, but he is also an established and successful business owner. One that is none too familiar with the snooze button, either.

“I don’t get too much sleep,” Frerking said on the RTI Podcast. “That’s for starters.”

Grant Frerking recently joined the RTI Podcast to talk about NIL, playing for Tennessee while operating a business, and more.

Frerking is a redshirt senior with the Tennessee football program. He first joined the team in 2017 during his freshman year.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Frerking is also the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, Metro Straw, based out of Atlanta. Frerking has been operating Metro Straw since he founded the company at the age of 15.

And now, even in his fifth year with the Tennessee football team, he is still continuing to thrive as a CEO as well. Although, his day-to-day life can…

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