Hillcrest business vandalized three times in one month

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A Hillcrest business owner is sounding the alarm after his business was vandalized for the third time in a month.

The owner of Coco’s Poke says he doesn’t know who would want to vandalize the business. “We don’t have any enemies, we don’t know people here,” said owner Manuel Palomares.

Monday morning marks the third time in a month the business has been vandalized, shattering windows and leaving the business owners perplexed.

“We didn’t sign up for this. I think Hillcrest is becoming very insecure,” said Palomares.

Palomares says he and his partner moved to San Diego so his partner could work on his PhD. Coco’s Poke opened in January after the pair saw how the Hillcrest area was still operating.

Now, Palomares says he’s fearful for the future.

“If they do it during business hours they can hurt one of my customers or even myself,” Palomares said. “We were so happy to open this business and now I never thought I…

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